Artwork by Judit Fritz

by Judit Fritz

Self medicating with flowers on graves.

Creating a shimmer of beauty around the ungraspable and putting a sense into what we don’t know.

We can manipulate anything into being beautiful. Into being perceived as beautiful. We even alter the meaning of the word itself into matching what is needed to be beautiful because the pain is too difficult. 

I see an opportunity in this subject to investigate further how human beings cope with their existence through materialism. How feelings are projected upon objects that in their turn becomes portraits of truths and thereby comfort and relief.

Truths, even if to the half of it – imagination.

The human body as a vessel of transportation. 

Urine, sweat and tear crystals.

Current waste

A person walks into a room. The air pushes aside.
Leaving in itself a negative space in the shape of a human.
We are molded into our surroundings.

There is a general conception that objects are useless on their own.
But since we are so easily oriented and designed by other states of beings, that their absence leaves us half - are we complex enough to determine their values?

The waste product of an oyster.

As the oceans turns plastic, the real pearl is now a replica of the fake, that was a replica of the real.

Amongst real and fake - what is true?

Everything reflects, reacts, rebounds and evolve

                         The travel of material.

                           The dissolvement,

                                rebuilding, and inevitably,

                                       the merge.

An investigation on materials reactions when colliding. The limestone slowly ingest acid from the ground, forming a new material on its surface. Swallowing even the non biodegradeable plastic.

                               The future coral? 

                      The current pearl.

               Reacting with the iron in the non chalky stone.    colouring the new material red.

Facing hierarchies

When Destruction simoultaniously builds something new, is anything ever broken?

Searching for a difference in the capture of beauty, and its release.

The rich and the hollow. Content and context. Substance and illusion